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Hello, everyone!

Another update was released yesterday. The main changes affected the functionality of universal links. We launched the updated deep links last year and have accumulated enough analytics during that time to make them better.

The first important innovation concerns the link generation mechanics. Previously, all links were implemented in the simplest way: the link contained only one parameter — a unique chat ID, which allowed already registered users to get into the desired chat. Users without an installed messenger had to go to the application page in Google Play or AppStore. Now we have laid down a more complex mechanism that will allow generating links not only for group chats and channels, but also to individual messages in chats and even to users, products and stores in MarketSpace.

The second advantage of the new mechanism is safety. As we said earlier, all links used only one identifier, which existed in unencrypted form, which means that it could theoretically be claimed. Now for group chats and private channels, part of the link will be encrypted. Thus, the possibility of link identifying by users will be reduced to zero.

The changes will also affect public channels. For them, the link to the channel becomes a «face» for unregistered users in Gem4me. Therefore, starting with the current release, all administrators and channel owners will be able to customize the name for their channel themselves, and it will look like this: {channel_name}.

Deep links aren’t the only new addition in March. Also in the current release on iOS, will be added a message search functionality, and on the web platform, there will be a functionality for displaying online status and the ability to send media files with a signature.

Stay tuned and stay up to date with all the latest news!

Always yours, Gem4me team

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